Friday, May 31, 2013

To Summarize My Assumption: SOMEONE IS STEALING HOMES!

Our messed up situation has unfolded to reveal what looks to be a "widely-known" fraud scheme in the untouchable world of big banks, yet effectively hidden from the public. Big Banks, are getting away with fraud (a felony) with NO LEGAL REPERCUSSION! This is just mind-blowing! If "a real person" tried to do what the Big Banks are getting away with, there would be prison time!

My intent is to pass this information to as many eyes that are willing to see and share it. Isn't it time that we quit allowing big banks (who wrote their top executives big bonus checks with our tax-payer dollars after the first bailout) to continue raping the American public?

Check out this article by Matt Taibbi:
In fact, the amount of money that eventually got spent on homeowner aid now stands as a kind of grotesque joke compared to the Himalayan mountain range of cash that got moved onto the balance sheets of the big banks more or less instantly in the first months of the bailouts. At the start, $50 billion of TARP funds were earmarked for HAMP. In 2010, the size of the program was cut to $30 billion. As of November of last year, a mere $4 billion total has been spent for loan modifications and other homeowner aid.

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American home-owners are losing their homes to foreclosure in record numbers.  Not only is this sad and frustrating, but now I know what is really going on. There is no money exchanged when a bank "acquires" a home at foreclosure. The easiest way to understand it is: The Banks say they have the money to cover it, acquire the home and then sell it after foreclosure WITHOUT PAYING FOR THE HOME! Isn't this just what the big banks were doing before the bailout? They said they have the money to cover loans they issued (lending up to 300% of what they actually had) and then gambled on the stock market to make up the difference if they lost on the predatory loans they had issued without the assets to back the losses. Well, this is not exactly the same thing. Same concept: Banks using their "credit" to "cover" the homes they are "acquiring"in BULK at record numbers (any guesses on percentage of credit- I bet more than 300%). But this is different in that they get to LIE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and "acquire" a home they did not actually hold the note for! In our situation, it looks like Bear and Stearns was the original note-holder. They went bankrupt in 2008. Chase bank then "acquired" the bankrupt Bear and Stearns entity while also accepting massive amounts of money to cover their losses- our taxpayer money! In essence, we have already paid the banks for these homes they are "acquiring." Why do they get to take homes (they didn't actually pay for or lend the money for in the 1st place) from troubled home-owners who should have received help from the bailout money? So, shouldn't Chase bank hold the note now? Remember Andre at Chase said he verified Chase was not the owner, but the servicer- for US Bank.

In our situation, as a renter, we have tried for EIGHT MONTHS to buy our home. Why have we not been able to? Because our situation is even more tangled!! Someone(s) at NDExWest are "robo-signing" fraudulent documents for foreclosed homes that the original lender/note-holder has gone bankrupt. If US Bank "acquired" our home, as the filed deed says, US Bank would have sold it to us. Since NDEx West is having all documents mailed to them, it looks like they currently hold the deed. Carrington and Roselena must have been hired by NDExWest, though we have been told by Chase Bank, Roselena and Carrington that they were hired by CHASE BANK! And the legal notices posted to our front door say Carrington is authorized to act on behalf of the owner: US BANK (who doesn't have any record of the property)! WTF?! My assumption: Someone(s)-"real people"- at Chase Bank, NDExWest, Carrington, and Roselena are all involved in STEALING HOMES!

Please help me spread the word, follow my blog and PLEASE give me advice and ask questions. I need help getting to the bottom of this. Not just for me, but for all of America who has had their home stollen, or may in the future. 

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not.”

EDIT: I'm a little bummed that feedback is coming from people via Facebook, email and text vs. comments on this blog for all to see. Even so, to clarify further: 

If you took a loan out (for a home, car, etc) and the "person/entity" you owed money to went bankrupt... Who do you now owe money too? NDEx West? Carrington? I didn't think so!