Thursday, May 23, 2013

Aftermath of Foreclosure

The next day, Roselena Dellamary of Coldwell Banker knocked on our door and said she was the listing agent for Chase bank. She took a copy of our lease and some other info to verify our lease was bonafide. She also left a post on our door referencing TWO options: continue to rent or move out. We informed her that we would like to buy our home. The following day Roselena returned to let us know the "good news:" "Our lease is bonafide" and "Chase has a policy of renting to tenants after foreclosure." We again told her we planned to buy the home, not rent. She said we could try to do that but we would need to get a pre-approval letter to her ASAP. We had planned to save and buy a home after our two years of renting this home. Since Billy and I were both full-time students for the previous two years and Billy was just in the process of being hired at the Department of Defense, we knew it would be difficult, but we tried anyway. We went directly to Chase bank since they were the owner (so we thought). Andre Gains of Chase bank said he would be able to pre-qualify us for a VA loan after Billy got his 1st paycheck in December. We were sooooooo excited!!!

We let Turko know the update:
November 20, 2012

Roselena continued trying to get us to sign a new lease with Property Advantage, that was hired by Carrington Mortgage, that supposedly was hired by Chase Bank. We requested proof of ownership before signing a new lease and let everyone involved know that we would NOT pay rent to anyone other than the legal owner ever again. Andre was confused with all the people involved and said paying rent is unnecessary if we are going to buy the home. He advised us to save that money for our down payment and closing costs.

A 90 day notice to vacate was posted to our door on January 10, 2013, by a lawyer representing "the owner"- US Bank! What!!??!?!?! Andre looked into it and reported that Chase bank is not the actual owner, but is the servicer for US Bank. Ok. So we went to US bank and spoke with Carlsbad branch manager, Renee McGuire. She was unable to find any record of our address in the system. I showed her the deed I had printed at the county recorder. I had her call the lawyer, Ruzicka and Wallace on speaker phone. We spoke to Astrid and Renee told her that US Bank has no record of the property. Astrid explained that she was just doing her job and told me that if we are unable to close on our home within the 90 days, she would pursue and unlawful detainer.

We submitted our offer to Roselena on January 15, 2013. Roselena refused to forward it to the asset manager until we signed a month to month lease. Uhhh, NO! Why would we do that?! If our offer was not accepted, we could be forced to move out the following month. In frustration with the process, we wondered why we could not submit our purchase offer directly to the bank?

After being threatened with eviction and several bullying phone conversations with Roselena and Lara Doronzo of Property Advantage (ending with me in tears), I started demanding that all correspondence be done via email for legal purposes. I requested over and over again proof of ownership so that we could pay rent and/or submit our purchase offer to the correct person.

Billy and I then focused our attention on purchasing a different home. We spent every spare minute searching out homes and put in 8 unsuccessful offers since January. By the time mid-March rolled around, we knew there was no way to close on ANY home before the April 11th deadline.