Thursday, May 23, 2013

Looking More and More Like Foreclosure FRAUD!

Why hasn't anyone taken us to court yet? Why hasn't anyone provided us proof of ownership if they wanted to collect rent and do repairs?

I contacted the legal advisor, Leah Simon-Wiseburg of, who has been helping us through this situation since September of last year. I explained our frustrations of not knowing who the legal owner is. She offered to contact Dess, of Ruzicka and Wallace. Since Ruzicka and Wallace seems to be representing the bank, she requested help in contacting the owner so we could submit our purchase offer. Dess replied on April 1st and said she would forward our offer to the owner! Yeah! Finally, a (seemingly) open avenue!! We submitted a new purchase offer the next day. Leah then followed up to let me know that "the bank" is requesting to do an appraisal of the inside of the house before they will consider our offer. She asked me to email her days and times that I may be available to allow access the following week. My realtor, Claude, that wrote our purchase offer(s) said this is not an uncommon request, so I gave Leah times: Any morning 9:30-12:30 is fine. Confirmation of the day would be good. 

No response. I emailed Dess and left voicemails. Nothing. Leah called to let me know that Ruzicka and Wallace could not be in communication with me directly and to stop contacting them. She recommended that our realtor call. Claude left messages as well. Then on May 9th he called to say he had received an interesting phone call from Roselena. She was wondering if he had heard from me lately. He let her know that we had just submitted a purchase offer the previous week. She was surprised. She informed him that if we wanted to purchase the house we would need to submit a pre-approval letter to HER! Not cool. We know she has a cash buyer in mind and we don't want to let her know what we can afford in order to allow her buyer to out-bid us. She also said that she would be listing our home in the next couple of weeks.

Then on Friday May 14th Claude called to let me know someone from Ruzicka and Wallace called and asked him not to contact them anymore. They said there is nothing more they can do.

This is the last time we will try to purchase this home. We are now fully aware that there is no chance in hell. We are also pretty positive that something seriously deceptive and possibly illegal is going on! Either no one legally owns our home, or the owner is doing everything they can to remain annonymous to avoid facing prosecution!
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