Thursday, June 6, 2013

A "Victim" of Fraud No More!

Even with the two day break from posting, this blog has surpassed 1000 page views in only two weeks! This is so exciting!! 
Really hope we are able to help many others. 

So, the reason for the break: We have been stewing about the cash for keys offer. Like I've said before; it would be nice to just be done already!
BUT: Unfortunately, my frustrations have turned to anger over this. Who is Select Portfolio Servicing / SPS?! Of course they offer NO INFORMATION other than their name (handwritten) on the notice. Why have we had to deal with so many people/banks/companies/lawyers/servicers? Why have none provided proof of ownership and/or affiliation? Why have we been unable to submit our purchase offers or rent?!

The DRE warns to check that solicited cash for keys offers come from only the verified owner! 

So, in my frustration I wrote a nasty letter in response- just short of threatening. 
I did not send it. 
With no feedback from my readers and friends and family supporting our mission to expose the fraud, we have decided to hold fast and not respond at all. 

Even though we are certain we are OK to stay at least through March of next year... That is good since we have our daughter registered for school here (and would prefer to stay put through the school year), but that's a long time of more uncertainty. Maybe we will know more by next week- if we get a response from our "qualified written request" to Carrington.

I don't see how ANYONE, with fraudulent documents as their only "proof of ownership," will be able to to evict us after our lease is up anyways. 

Would love some feedback on this one...